We have three Taiwanese padding lines capable of producing 29,000 to 37,000 meters of padding per day, depending on type produced. The several types of padding we produce include Regular, Airhole Silicon, Feather Touch and Low Melt Soft Padding. We also can include needle punching in the process for added strength.

We pride our padding for being comfortable whilst durable and elastic whilst soft and free from harmful chemicals. Such is the quality of our product that we have been long-time suppliers to manufacturers of renowned brands such as Nike and Hugo Boss, exported all around the world.

Throughout the years we have sent samples to laboratories both in and out of Indonesia and have gotten certification for our products. These certificates are available upon request. We did this because our customers are manufacturers of big name-brands who are very strict on quality control.

Below is the specifications of our machines. We can get anything that fits inside this range customized for our customers.

Non – Needle Punched
Density: 40 – 1000 grams/m2
Thickness: 3 – 100 mm
Capacity per Day: 29,000 – 37,000 meters (32,000 – 40,000 yards)
Bonding System: Chemical Bonding, Thermal Bonding

Needle Punched
Density: 40 – 350 grams/m2
Thickness: 3 – 8 mm
Capacity per Day: Up to 37,000 meters (40,000 yards)
Bonding System: Chemical Bonding, Thermal Bonding

Applications: Jackets, winter clothing, sportswear, underwear, bedding products, furniture, toys/dolls, filters, etcetera.